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Viseven company is your supportive partner in everything that has to do with digital transformation of your business. We help companies gain the desired flexibility on the market and adapt key messages to the changing customer needs by promoting excellence throughout the multichannel mix.

Turning your brand into a memorable and vivid story, we develop interactive presentations and mobile applications from scratch. All aspects of content lifecycle from concept and materials to smooth integration with your CRM system can be addressed. Our experts develop colorful designs, proper structure of presentation, navigation scheme and efficient key messages that are sure to resonate with your customer.

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The unique digital solutions from Viseven empower you to deliver personalized content to the audience across the whole spectrum of channels – all the while you maintain a firm hold on the materials to adjust them every now and then with maximum cost efficiency.

The perfect combination of our digital solutions, as inspired by years of successful implementation, is now available in a single package called the Digital Content Factory. This general set includes a number of essential products– eWizard, eWizard Pulse and eWizard Store, Viseven CLM and CRM. The proper interaction between these enables a powerful boost to all stages of your marketing campaigns, from rollout to capturing customer feedback and optimizing your further strategies. By creating unified workspace for your global and local marketing teams, as well as external agencies, we turn your products promotion into easy, quick and well-tuned process.

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