All the content around us is connected.

So stop thinking channels – think content

and add context within the channel.

Viseven AI powered modular approach helps to connect content by business rules according to country, channel or subject matter. Automatically break down content into smallest possible pieces and easily reuse them within or across the channels.

So, you create a multichannel module once, but make it omnipresent, existing beyond channels, campaigns, geographies accessible within your DAM with all approved assets.



Build a content model, revise and split your content to modules, to mix&match them easily. Each module is a combination of assets, like core message, media, supporting text and references) that are approved to be used together.


The modules – graph, CTA, chart, image and message, whatever – are not limited to channels, and can be used for any template


The content is available across the entire organization, depending on the access management, ensuring compliance


Changes, edits, and updates that are made to the core module can be automatically synchronized across all available items


Create once – publish everywhere – is a new efficient way to manage multichannel content

Viseven AI powered platform splits content into flexible independent modules. This digital transformation approach enables to reuse, repurpose, republish content easily, without extra effort, costs, or resources. Now content creation becomes fast and easy: to meet your requirements either with the agency or as a DIY approach.

Flexible pre-approved modules to mix and match, creating exactly the content you need. Easily.

  • More consistency across brands and channels
  • No need to redevelop content for each channel again and again
  • Faster MLR: review a module once and reuse it anywhere
  • Measure the adoption and efficiency of key message across all channels
  • Identify and reuse the globally approved modules for local affiliates
  • Modules are integrated into channel-specific templates automatically without extra manual effort
  • Direct integration with DAM (e.g. Veeva Vault PromoMats)

Interested how it works?

Our content delivery model empowers brand managers around the world to gain a helicopter view on global-to-local content creation flow and track the ratio of new development requests vs content reuse, cost per channel, per country as well as saved budgets in total!

Want to be able to easily keep track of the balance between requests for new developments and content reuse?

Contact us and learn more about how Modular Content and its end-to-end delivery model can transform your multichannel marketing strategy!