Learn how to adapt & deliver your interactive localization to multiple regions seamlessly

The fact is just too well-known: if a company wants to become a winner – new rules of engaging multiple emerging local markets should be followed. Only those who are willing to take smart risks, be flexible, innovative, and turn challenges over into their favor will attain remarkable outcomes. The crucial factor for further advancement through the cross-channel environment is refocusing your solid global strategy to pay attention to individual local markets’ needs. Apart from efficiency, transparency, and flexibility, the content flow must be firmly tailored to local peculiarities, and here localization can help. Without exaggeration, any misrepresentation or misconception might bring irreparable damage: insufficient approach may result even in detrimental effects on brand reputation.

Let’s make it clear: what can pharma and agency hope to gain through smarter localization?

  • speed up time to market
  • save budget and reduce costs
  • forget about additional efforts
Request a video recording of our free webinar to reveal how to creatively adopt and deliver your interactive localization to multiple regions within eWizard platform. Respond to local market needs significantly faster than commonly believed to be possible!


Date: 24/07/2018

Time: 16:00 - 16:30

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