7 ways to boost medical reps productivity and maximize sales force efficiency

Beyond any doubt, the role of pharma representatives is still crucial. Why? First and foremost, because reps are playing the role of “linking” a brand message to healthcare providers in person. However, sales force might lack confidence, deep expertise or simply possess data of less quality. Wondering how to empower your field forces to reach the highest potential, achieve revenue goals and continuously upgrade their skills? Here are key tactics; let’s unveil how to…

  • make medical representatives feel enthusiastic about their job
  • sustain professional growth and the right level of motivation
  • align your strategies with workforce effortlessly

… and other important insights.

These are just a few of what will be revealed during our in-depth discussion on the ways for pharma’s sales force to evolve and grow. Be ready to get armed with indispensable tools to boost medical reps’ productivity and maximize their efficiency.


Date: 20/02/2019

Time: 16:00 - 16:30

Cost: FREE