Launch multichannel campaigns that win the day. Easily.

Enable rapid updates and simplify localization

Reduce go-to-market time and cut production costs

Afford multichannel promotion
for every product and brand

One-click access to approved digital assets and content

Enable transparent communication and facilitate review

Afford multichannel promotion
for every product and brand

Digital Content Factory
Empowering your multichannel breakthrough


  • Create content 4 times faster;
  • Save 50% on localization and updates;
  • Localize your content with ease;
  • Access, preview and reuse materials from global office and other affiliates;
  • Support multivendor environment – no need to change agencies;
  • Value your time with automatic publishing to Veeva Vault PromoMats;
  • Arrange, manage and store content neatly using eWizard NaviGate;
  • Free yourself from routine tasks as content related processes get transparent.

Possibilities acquired:

  • Creation of content for all channels – interactive aids, email templates, microsites, surveys, etc.;
  • Quick and effortless interactive content adaptation and update;
  • One-click access to global digital assets;
  • Localization for specific markets;
  • Interactive review and commenting mode with two-way notifications;
  • Variety of flexible, multipurpose, industry specific templates;
  • Seamless integrations with, SFMC, Adobe;
  • Direct connection to Veeva Vault PromoMats and other DAMs.

Challenges solved:

  • Painful transition to new multichannel tactics;
  • Need to create new content for new channels;
  • Overblown costs on content creation;
  • Long time-to-market because of slow review, corrections and MLR approval;
  • “Epic” campaign launches for new channels;
  • No full dynamic preview of IVAs, no test device-oriented preview for emails.

Veeva integration:

  • Veeva CLM

  • Veeva Vault PromoMats
  • Veeva Approved Email

  • Veeva CoBrowse

  • Veeva Engage

System compatibility:


  • Agnitio

  • Adobe

See in action

Viseven Digital Content Factory Services

Content Factory
Promotional strategy & channels
Brand strategy and rebranding
Concept and content plan creation
Design creation
Medical expertise
Copy writer
HTML5 development service
Localization & adaptation
CLM adaptation and migration
Technology architecture building & analysis
Infrastructure set-up
Technical coordination
Content distribution
Education – trainings & workshops
Social Media Marketing
Business analysis & prediction

Why choose Digital Content Factory:


You get assets that are fully prepared for use in promotion on the day of delivery. Your content is worked on from concept to implementation by collaborating teams of experts. No need to coordinate and organize a network of narrowly specialized agencies, no worries about platform compatibility.

Agility and precise tailoring

You can be sure you get exactly what you want in the end – with possibility of advanced interactive preview and commenting you can look inside what’s being constructed at any stage. Dedicated liaison managers will always be there as a single communication point to get your message clearly to the teams.


Once your digital assets are there, you can use the unique eWizard platform to provide minor updates at no costs whatsoever. Change a picture in CLM presentation? 5 minutes, no contractors. New email for reps? Build upon the carefully designed template.

Multichannel entirety

Request any type of content, for any channel, for any purpose: IVAs for eDetailing, email templates, microsites, apps. What channel is your strategy missing?

Digital Content Factory is based on principles of comprehensiveness, agility, cost-efficiency and multichannel entirety

Align your business processes with tech innovations