eWizard Framework – unique HTML5
development standard
for agencies and affiliates

We’ve developed eWizard framework to bring standard and unity, power the development and localizations, kickstart projects and speed up your brand promotion.

We ensure the vendors efficiency by providing the benchmarks of content development. These benchmarks consist of clear requirements and guidelines, which cover all the stages of content lifecycle. They include:

  • fixed and consistent pricing across markets;

  • preset project timelines;

  • single development standard;

  • guidelines on projects execution and delivery that help to eliminate errors.

The framework ensures:

  • Quick slide creation and adding it to the presentation structure;

  • A set of core modules and functionalities, available once the presentation has been initiated;

  • Modular architecture for seamless change of any part of the presentation without affecting the whole structure;

  • MVC-based approach to set business logic apart from its visualization, enabling smooth presentation management, update and localization;

  • Template-based approach to  integrate and change common styles and elements: headers, footers etc.;

  • Unified API allows building and deploying eDetailing to major CLM systems with fast configuration of standard or custom monitoring.

What our customers say

“No need to learn guidelines for various CLM systems – using eWizard Framework is enough”
Denis, HTML5 developer

“We can reuse the assets from other affiliates, even if they were initially created for another CLM”

Nataly, digital lead

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